Cottontail Games released! Also…

Cottontail Games released! Also…

My debut poetry book Cottontail Games: Monsters and Lovers is finally available on Amazon and Kindle!

There are content warnings, it mostly touches on emotional abuse but also stuff like eating disorder, gender issues, mental illness.

It is sapphic. I’m sapphic. Please remember that.

Also a huge thank you to Parker Goodreau who did my cover art! They were so great and helpful and really made my vision for my debut come to reality. I couldn’t have had this book without them. Honestly. I’ll post their site below.
Parker’s website

This book was a year in the works. I didn’t get the idea to put it together until fully realizing that the way I write words and poems was actually something loved and accepted, which was summer 2017.

I found the most AMAZING community within modern free verse poetry. They are supportive and strong and I couldn’t have worked through endless tiredness without them all. The work I turn out, from their inspiration as great poets themselves but also from their support and love, just keeps growing and getting better.

Now for the Also part…

Please keep watch for more information on the next two books that are in the works for next year!

  1. Peony Wings will be more monster and skeleton love, more play on the darker side of fantasy and a real mix of poem styles.
  2. Violet Wings will be all sapphic and enby love.

There are also two smaller projects I’m working on, one is Love Letters to the Universe which will be released slowly through patreon when I have it set up. The other is a fantasy story told through both long and short poems, though still very much in the works.

A novel Warm Bones is in the works and I hope to have it polished enough to start sending out by spring/end of spring. We will see!

Again thank you so much. I love you all.



Bunny Bunny
Let me tell you
Claws and teeth
Are all the same
Behind a smile
Or a


Bunny Bunny
Let me tell you
Flower painted fangs
Can’t heal
Or cure


Bunny Bunny
Let me tell you
They always say
Your teeth
Hurt the same
As they
Bleed you

This is the first poem to my debut poetry collection Cottontail Games: Monsters and Lovers. It was such an emotional roller coaster to write this poem collection and I’m happy I shared it with the world.